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john haynes
john haynes is a writer from cincinnati. his work has previously appeared in the in posse review on webdelsol, sendecki.com, nasty magazine, and a virtual memorial magazine. also work is forthcoming in the webzines lights out media, poethia, the avant garde times and in drought: a literary journal. he is currently working on several projects including his first novel, an american revolution, which is due out in the fall of 2002. he is also co-founder, along with his wife tia, of the fountain society, a non-profit organization formed to aid emerging artists.

his last dispatch
mr. b.
potters field
pretty brown eyes
sunday morning


born in dayton, ohio, and a graduate of indiana university, jnana's writing has grown out of spiritual exploration, often seeking the unique cadence of each place he's lived, and delving headlong into confrontations and paradoxes that entangle present-day romance, sexual attraction and intimacy. his novel, subway hitchhikers, was published in 1990. his work has appeared in arsenic lobster, concrete wolf, curbside review, northern new england review, runes, and way station magazine.

any trickery and deception
coat, tunic, bracelet
blue rock xxix
beauty isn't everything
back to work


dr. deborah ferber
when asked, "what do you do?" dr. deborah ferber says she is a "philosopher of life"and that she likes to think about and observe people and events. she was born in frieberg, germany, before moving to the united states, and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in art, sociology, management, psychology and a doctorate in business administration.

(black forest)
quisine francais


christina dutton
christine dutton works and resides in northampton, mass. she is active in the local poetry scene and reads her work at fire & water. her work has appeared in room of her own.

the process
meditation cubicle
bad girl
repression manifest


brooke stevens
poet brooke stevens is a 20-year-old college student from evansville, ind. her work has been published in News4u and Scroll Magazine. she says: words are our easiest form of communication with others and ourselves. too many times we fail our eyes and memories, so I write to never forget what too many have already forgotten. The best way I am able to explain my inspiration is already in my poetry. I write the way words sing to me to save my sanity.



jonathan barker
jonathan joseph barker was planted up in jersey, rooted straight into the land of canaan, been around twenty years on the outside and 5757 on the inside. the pilgrim's poetry is his walk of life, and he lives by the knife, a surgeon and peaceful warrior in training.

breathe hard
blue pill, red pill
wandering in the pink


michael levy
michael levy, no relation to d.a., was born in manchester england. his books include "what is the point," "minds of blue souls of gold," "enjoy yourself it's later than you think," and "invest with a genius." his articles and poems have been published on/in about 1,500 web sites, journals and magazines.

in all things human


li min hua
li min hua is a professor at rutgers university, has written three poetry volumes: "sunspots" (lotus press, detroit, 1976) "midnight lessons" (samisdat, 1987), and "lutibelle's pew" (dragon disks, 1990), and has read and performed in britain, canada, china, hong kong, and the u.s.

found in shauwkiwan station of the mtr
the right to do our own naming
last laugh


matt jablonski
matt jablonski lives in elyria, ohio, is an educator and his work has appeared in 15 or so chapbooks self-published by octagon free arts. his work is represented on the collaborative spoken word cd "beat town: contemporary poetry from ohio's western reserve," as well as on hundreds of bar napkins.

winter, to the point and in pieces
patriotic me


mathew wascovich
matthew wascovich is a cleveland-based poet and musician. some of his recent writing can by found in nexus, in my head, nuts, 3 am magazine, small spiral notebook, abisti, beat town, hootpage.com and poor mojo's almanac(k). for information regarding matthew's soon to be published book of poems, leo in a garbage can, contact slow toe publications at po box 6592 cleveland, ohio 44101 u.s.a. or slowtoepublic@yahoo.com.

naked island cultural geography
i have a circle around your waist


jennifer tung
jennifer tung is a 19-year-old student at ohio state university majoring in nursing. her work has appeared in the columbus dispatch, the lancaster eagle-gazette, thunder sandwich, electric acorn, voices, will soon appear in glass tesseract.

tenacity in a midwestern cornfield


firecracker is a gifted poet & photographer. she now lives in virginia.

long day


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