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daniel gallick
daniel gallick's poetry and fiction have appeared in previous editions of deep cleveland junkmail oracle. he, along with mike blowers & steve brightman, hosts expresso expressions, a live poetry extravaganza held each month at the bainbridge, ohio, arabica.

mykel d. myles
poet, short story writer and essayist mykel d. myles is a native clevelander. he is the winner of the 1999 dogwood tales magazine humor fiction award; lakeland community college poetry award for 2000; and the paul lawrence dunbar poetry award from the detroit black writers guild. he is the former editor-in-chief of cleveland's own african town crier.

andrew lundwall
andrew lundwall, a 19-year-old poet & writer from wisconsin, is enamored of the beats, boschian paintings, the study of the psychic-automatism conjured forth by the surrealist movement and gertrude stein. he currently works a pessimistic, agonizing afterhours job in quality-assessment for the telemarketing scam-trade.

joshua gage
joshua gage is to northeast ohio writing as acid is to vitamin capsules. he says you can trust him about as far as you can throw a wet mattress up an elevator shaft, and even then it's best to shoot him in the knee, just so you know he won't run away on you.

nick roberts
nick roberts is in the military which sometimes makes him angry. his work has previously appeared in deep cleveland junkmail oracle.

michele benjamin
michele benjamin is a healing arts practitioner from medina, ohio. her grandfather used to sell insurance and he used to hand out little cards with his name & phone number on them. then the number changed, so he had the cards reprinted with the new number. she takes ambrotose for her condition.


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