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nash ridley
Nash Ridley writes what he calls 'startled fiction.' He lives in Bedford, Ohio.

eten rafokovsky
Eten Rafokovsky is a Cleveland native. His grandparents emigrated from Russia in 1917, and much of his writing focuses on on turn-of-the-century Russian literary society.

michael gabriel
Michael Gabriel lives in Lakewood, Ohio. He's on a first-name basis with every bartender on Madison and Detroit.

cory jenkins
Cleveland writer Cory Jenkins grew up in an era when the Cleveland Indians couldn't win a game fer nuthin. He has fond memories anyway, and is working on a book of baseball-themed prose pieces.

laura woodard
Laura Woodard is a Virginia college student who writes in merciless spontaneous openess.

Jota is a san francisco poet & writer who believes poetry always overcomes pr, eventually.


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