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markk is a lowercase poet in an uppercase world, subscribes to a spontaneous mindbodyspirit school of expression and cleveland is his tormented witchmuse.

dreamfever cleveland
I. east 9th & euclid
II. in front of a deli
III. punk in a dreamfever
IV. he hears thundercrack radio
V. I look up cleveland sidewalks
VI. guy named eddie
VII. you go to work
VIII. at east 40th
IX. downtown on the sour fringes
X. i hear the souls of poets


j. griffin clark
J. Griffin Clark, a poet from urbana, ohio, has lots of time on his hands and discombobulated memories of ohio university.

old southern lady on a cool summer night
chair dreams
smoke haze
small-town night
babbling brook boredom and cheese


dan donatelli
Dan Donatelli is a curveball poet from cleveland's east suburbs who writes like allen ginsberg's bastard son.

Lunatic Pandora
Run Westward Fire Exit
Pass Me By
Shetland Incident
Five Nameless Poems


kairo k. harshbarger
Kairo K. Harshbarger is a poet from Iowa, and her Diane DiPrima-like eye for mixing edgy eroticism and sensory expression distinguish her powerful work.

Blue T.V. Glow
The Egg
Come Closer
Halloween in June
At three by seven


andrew rice
Andrew Rice is a poet from Medina in the midst of constructing a modern-day epic poem titled "Conrad's Cult, which sounds a lot like Thomas Pynchon spontaneously re-writing "The Odyssey" on acid.

Conrad's Cult (Parts 1-5)
Vibefucked on a Friday
Chesire Moon
Breath of Time


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