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posteron oct. 29, 2002, the cleveland poetry community gathered for levy lives! a 60th birthday celebration in honor of cleveland's late, legendary outlaw poet, artist and underground publisher d.a levy. thanks to everyone who came out to cabaret dada in cleveland's warehouse district to read at and/or attend levy lives! it was a powerful experience hearing levy's friends and compatriots, such as kent taylor, russell salamon, grace butcher, ingrid swanberg, tony walsh and daniel thompson, talk about the 1960s poetry scene in cleveland, and offer up terrific interpretations of d.a levy's work. local poets who read at the event included vladimir swirinsky, jennifer napier, daniel gallick,
michael salinger, kathy walker, katie daley, ben rader, bree and paul skyrm. april baer of wcpn radio and david c. barnett of wviz tv, also read at the event. green panda press released a new anthology, "the long march of cleveland." for more information on how to obtain the book, e-mail breesongs@yahoo.com

for more information about this event, e-mail deepcleveland@hotmail.com


russell salamon (front & center).

april baer

michael salinger

vladimir swiryinsky

kent taylor

daniel thompson

mimeograph (foreground)

markk (background)




all photos by jim kelly


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