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j.p. glowacki
j.p. glowacki is a subversive mother of two. She lives in Dayton, Ohio.

3 haiku


steve brightman
burton, ohio, poet steve brightman won first place in in the best of ohio writer 2001 poetry competiton. he has two chapbooks: "nothing but targets" and "using the whole handle". he sometimes exceeds the speed limit and likes to think he can talk with birds.

Dentistry And Archimedes Meet At My Side Garage Door
Cavities Fill, Then Drain
Forty-Four South
Looking For The Sucker(S)
I'm Not Sure I'm Sold


summer beretsky
summer beretsky is a 17-year-old high school student from kingston, pennsylvania -- an old coal-mining valley with "alot of old Polish folk," she says. she writes wayyyyy beyond her years, I sez.

end of act 1
ginsberg-esque: the alpha stage poem


nicholas w. roberts
nicholas w. roberts is in the navy. The rest is classified.

All in all


v. gatrod
v. gatrod is a stoney poet from rocky river, ohio.

I Just Want To Drink And Write
The Absent Woman


maudie moon
maudie moon is a poet from the west park area of cleveland. she has written poems and songs since she was 11 and published 4 books of poetry.

Celtic Dreams I
Celtic Dreams II (for dad)
Crack in the Heavens


barry l. phillips
barry l. phillips is a cleveland poet with wistful memories of the spontaneous & poetic ranting of 1970s cleveland radio legend murray saul.

The Gospel According to Murray


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