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cheryl townsend
kent, ohio, resident cheryl townsend is the decade-plus editor of the literary magazine IMPETUS and head honcho of Implosion Press and Women's Art Recognition Movement. Her photographs & poetry have been seen in a whole lotta places and she's damned proud of every one of them. She shies away from the bravado of bios, but I'm giving her one anyway. Check out more of her photos.

egg clavicle

egg contemplation

rotten eggs

sensual egg


cecil, a native texan, is a self-taught image maker as well as an accomplished poet. He creates meditative art, and his main goal is to inspire thought and a sense of wonder. He can be reached at clee@elp.rr.com or p.o. box 31609, el paso, texas 79931.



serpent time

nite daze

looking glass


steve brightman
burton, ohio, poet & photographer steve brightman was graduated from Mount Union College around the time everyone smelled like teen spirit. You can find out more about him at his web site.

behind the hardware store, middlefield OH

for anthony

skips tavern

something in the water

thirty story sprint


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