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sterling f.e.w. barnes

sterling f.e.w. barnes is a young writer & mystic from phoenix.


the closet

When I was searching in the closet I found a tiger cub.  The tiger cub said to me, “I would like to live in this house.”  I was so amazed that a tiger could actually talk that I stood there speechless until I finally got enough courage to say, “my name is Sterling where did you come from?”

He told me that he came from a different dimension and he got transported here through a dimensional rift.  I then started thinking this is like a fairy tale.  He then started rambling about how great his dimension was because it is so green and the air is so fresh.

After about five hours of talking I started to wish that the rift would open up again and take him.  When he stopped, the rift swallowed him.

I was about one foot out of my room after the cub left and I heard a quack.  I raced back into my room and saw a duck.  It didn’t talk so I set it free.

Two days later on the news there was a report of a carnivorous duck with sharp teeth, eating people.  I decided it was now the government’s problem.

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