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j.e. stanley

is of the deep cleveland tribe of poets. his chapbook "dissonance" was published on deep cleveland press.



stanza crunch

 for patti smith


 red chaos bleeds to white.

 guitars weep deep blue america.

 the land struggles toward free,

 toward be.


 broken orbits fracture space.

 black holes bleed in time

 to the screams of the furies.


 american renegade,

 our lady of the free verse,

 blindfolded and dancing barefoot,

 she maps the urban wilderness

 and we follow her voice,

 break our chains to ride

 eternal waves through

 cities of stars,

 perfect moon nights

 and neon galaxies

 of electric light.


 (Note: Title taken from "WOMANMusic" by Joanne Cornelius)




 Blues song


 like the naked trumpet

 as it echoes

 through the alley, yearning

 blue and deeper blue,

 the first, last and only sound

 in this alone night.


 The naked moon

 with no light of her own,

 abandoned realm of the huntress,

 goddess of the wild,

 now forsaken in the concrete minds

 of cold and modern men.


 The naked silence of 3 a.m.

 and I read to seduce sleep

 but the book is Morrow's "City of Truth,"

 disillusionment laced with depression,

 when what I really need

 is a single, convincing lie.


 The naked absence of you,

 nothing left but the black panties

 from the hamper

 that you missed when you packed,

 and your scent

 which draws me again and again

 to sweet and sour loss.




Even out here,

 the silence speaks.

 The wind breathes lost songs.

 And the trees whisper quiet stories

 of sad human truths.



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