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dan smith

dan smith is one of the deep cleveland tribe of poets. his chapbook "crooked river" was published on deep cleveland press.




I am the hooded figure at the bus stop

I am the hot rod kid cruising at midnight

I am the rock in every roll you've ever dreamed

I am the epiphany light in the museum

I am the eternal roadie in every concert hall

I am the water spout on lake's effect

I am the wrecks on every highway

I am the valley and the creek

I am the trolley and the Queen

I am zoo and arboretum

I am the poetry of every neighborhood

I am the song of every bar

I am the rust on your bridges

I am the salt that flavors your soul

I am the tower's shadow in your head

I am all your failed statuary

I am all your belching monuments to death

I am the parade of all those marching to a different drum

I am the arrhythmia of urban renewal

I am the ships the rail-yards the transport engines of your mind

I am the ying and yang where the twain do meet

I am the mystery that keeps you here against your will

I am your calloused hands and bunioned feet

I am all you've lost and all you'll never find

I am your drum your pounding poly-rhythm dance

I am a heavy metal rocker with a skin of steel

I am the pistol in the waistband the knife in every boot

I am the hoodlum heart of every blessed day

I am all your altared states in my suit of lights

I am your lover I am your son

I am Cleveland through and through.


How Fierce Our Love and Inarticulate

Clogged fat with memories

and globs of sadness

more than any broken vessel

could be imagined to hold

like a magician's torn hat

a wrecked clown car

stented I go with the flow

on a natural by bypass of mind

a muscle memory:

a black and chartreuse giraffe-like

soft toy animal and playing ball

with a golden creature on Marsol lawns

sunsets that fell on blameless days

and little there was occluded except

the weight of days that would choke our speech.

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