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c. allen rearick

C. Allen Rearick was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, still resides there, works as a secretary for a pest-control company, has been published in such magazines as remark, zygote in my coffee, open wide, circle, mouseion and others.  poetry_7827@hotmail.com



These machine gun
fire eyes
trace rapidly
across a thin-skinned

but she
is unaware

and these
piano solo fingers
tickle the curve
of a napping clavicle

telling her
to remove
that frigid soul
for fear
I'll vanish
with these
head-ache hours
trying recklessly
to understand
her radio active generator
pulsing beats
of crimson



Self-Loathing Only Brings Rebirth

She sits
in the shadow
of her former self
scribbling her
self-penned vulnerabilities

the summer
is cold
and void
of rhyme
and the first hint
of edging winter
splinters her heart
the way a brick
writes through
a window
shattering a thousand words
penned unknown

but somehow
I am the victim
being scorched
by this rising avatar
and drowning
in the whirlpool
of her



Death Comes for us All

I am alone

the wind has died

trees fallen

Death come for us all

I see it
         in the headlights

of a burning
on a rainy
                   in the city

I hear it
in the cricket's voice

         the red barn

I feel it
as the wind whispers
    garbage cans

littered by
                the dying

they do not understand
they do not mourn

I wish them
to teach me
what it is

to not



The Past Still Haunts Me

The rain
upon my face
is disguising
these tears
that fall
like fine gestures
of missing


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