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" born in canterbury, england. lived here all my life apart from when i went to the university of wisconsin, milwaukee from sept 04 until december 04. i have studied american studies at the university of kent, england but was politely deported from america although i am allowed to return. i am now in suspended study, but will be starting my third and final year in september 05, studying single honours english. i have written poetry since i was 15, but have lost most of my work. i am exploring the drug and rave culture, as well as its spiritual undertones. i am a manic depressive who refuses help, and believe i have a new outlook on life since i went temporarily insane after an excessive indulgence in magic mushrooms. "


UNTITLED [5th sept. 04]

i saw a squirrel, dead in the middle of the road,

line, line, line, sign, line, death, line, line, line,

driving down the highway,

death. the certain uncertainty,

a taboo in our times,

yet our children have scars on their arms,

scars inside and weights on their backs.

a morbid curiosity

a morbid obsession.

line, line, line, line, line, line, line, line...


PSYCYSMYSTICISM [6th sept. 04]

cosmic forces at work,

magnetic and polarised,

here to be discovered...

... but not yet understood.

my hands, creating illusions before my eyes,

energy; flowing all around us,

channeled into us.

several senses, silenced,

leaving others to roam; anarchistic,

an undiscovered utopia,

held within the underground...

... where my spirit was set free.


UNTITLED [18th sept. 04]

a fly flew into my eye today -

of all the eyes in the world,

it chose to fly into mine.

I blink I blink I blink I scratch I

the buzz, silenced in a split second...

I blink I scratch I blink I blink I scratch I

my eyes water, and life is extinguished;

carried in a waterfall

down my cheek.


UNTITLED [20th sept. 04]

a wasp, buZzZzZzing around me,

what does it crave?

the elixir, the nectar, of my carbonated beverage?

the yellow and black attempts to intimidate me,

and its size makes me chuckle.

it lands on my arm and i can only hope

that this little one wont penetrate

sending a short, sharp shock

- to my nervous system.

you little fucker, what is your purpose>

confident and curious, you land on my bottle.

crawling, f a l l i n g..

- you drown in your desire.



[A] SHADOW     [21st sept. 04]

my shadow;

tall, dark, and expressionless,

greeting me every morning,

only to stalk me throughout the day.

dwelling in darkness,

my former self.

fascinating, yet haunting,

you intrigue me.


my reality,

tall, detailed, and full of life.

how I envy you!

I am a slave to your motion.

the wind blows my hair,

and I become Medusa.

phantasmic, an apparition,

hiding at night.


together until the end,

always connected.

our footsteps, our destinies,

[shared until death] do us part.


TOY [23rd sept. 04]

winding me up,

jerking me back and forth;

sending shivers down my spine

as our limbs and souls entwine...

you killed me for a second,

rays of moonlight flood onto our naked bodies

pouring through the grey clouds

splashing onto me, an explosion in the sky.

the morning comes, and the sun shines,

you lay your head on my chest

as I prey for our lips to touch.

keeping you is asking too much;

you depart, leaving a scar on my heart.


DRUNKEN WISH [28th sept. 04]

i was in the bathroom taking a piss

and looked down at my canoes;

there was no sudden splash on my shoes,

only a lonely fluffy seed that flew,

i thought long and hard for a wish in my state,

then, the lonely fluffy seed i blew.

some wishes are false, some never come true,

but this wish was real, because i wished,

i wished, i wished, i wished for you.

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