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N. Nixon

My work: Biggest influences have been Nikki Giovanni, d. a. levy, Gary Snyder and Robert Creeley. Have received no formal training since I find much of the criticism that is esposed to be bullshit. Spent the past few decades reading as many varied works as I could stand and noodling around with different forms. born in Cleveland and raised on the west side. Eventually wandered away and now live on a hill next to a river.

body evacuation map
(for this heart in my throat)

there has been
a haze
over Ohio
pollution alerts-
i have been
through it
the poison
my eyes
the jagged heart
of this nation
that twists
my heart
my language
has found
in the hills -
in the hills
a holler remains

it would function more simply at higher energy levels

put on wings and fly

three of the four forces
might function
as a single force

everywhere they have found change

might not
all the forces
be one

every place is the center of expansion

i suspect
we may always
find ourselves
in this position

the absolute symmetry
of absolute nothingness

comparison nullifies grace
(though some say grace beats karma)

you just have to bow
to the absurd

though i feel as if
i am vomiting
rhetorical images
of unfocused proportions

under different circumstances
things would,
of course,
be all right

not taking everything into account i die

you know man,
sometimes it makes me very angry
that you don't make any sense
flitting around stumbling
exposing my weakness
haphazardly gouging out
my heart
eating most of it
before you


now know why

i don't want it
to be those lost hours

i am holding and
deciding to nibble

i have a feeling
that i should eat

only the middle,
looking it in the eye

it is after
all delicious

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