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nevil darukhanawala

nevil darukhanawala is a poet & writer from Pune (India). nevil_d@rediffmail.com


Of Poets & Mystics

For long we dreamers have heard whispers,
Of secrets, between heaven and earth, and to
Lie of many things, yet said;
To make merry of our misery.

Surrendered, have I, to the spirit,
Who speaks a strange tongue;
Now I speak her language,
That I may learn;
No more the ink does dry,
For I write in blood.

No more, my words tremble
To please a passing crowd,
Save my longing speaks within me;
This be my journey,
Where few would hear, and
Fewer listen; I speak so my ears
May hear, and my heartlisten.

I have set my sights beyond man, where
Gods raise their eyes to meet with mine.

Infinite, Boundless, Limitless
Our Possibilities.

Not a poets dream, I give you!


Welcome the New Man

Within I found, the
Heart of a woman
Eyes of an infant
Courage of the beast
That I may surrender my spirit
To the dawn of the new man

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