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american koan #345

the buddha me
christ me
universe prism
flash me
formed face
crystal torch
touch pure
purr ftt ftt


each screaming moment a prayer

pray without ceasing
in the tranquil diet of daylight
on the breakfast moon praying
each bite a prayer on the fork
praying & a walk in prayer touching
the bark of a passing branch
it's a prayer, praying
with open eyes & a passing car
in prayer each heartbeat
& heaving breath a prayer
and the footfalls of people
a prayer praying alongside children
& mothers & dogs a prayer
with a walking stick a prayer
praying on the path climbing
each step a prayer each screaming
moment a prayer to end all prayers

(holymouth) a sugar rapture of innermost convictions

holymouth the roar of the canyons
holymouth the projectile air
holymouth the great rumble of heaven
holymouth the hebrew prophet
holymouth the glades in amber fabric
holymouth the yellow desert of freedom
holymouth the yearning of egyptian salt
holymouth the sufi poets in dervish sublime
holymouth the whiskey ether of amethyst morning
holymouth the second of the three penquin yen
holymouth john the forerunner
holymouth a distant chiming of altar bells
holymouth yr fanciful diction
holymouth a creature of sweet comfort
holymouth honey the kiss of silk
holymouth christ consciousness
holymouth a sugar rapture of innermost convictions
holymouth our yesterday junctions
holymouth mayan pyramids
holymouth under bridges where dark waters flow
holymouth extreme unction
holymouth castle bread in fruited poems
holymouth jester chants acapella
holymouth atlantis beneath somber waves
holymouth innermost quagmires
holymouth investigation of rapt senses
holymouth bucketlove details & cream
holymouth decorated in lights & diamond pins
holymouth thighs on midnight pillows
holymouth yogananda
holymouth bodisattva immaculate
holymouth the face of first longing
holymouth gothic black piston rhymes
holymouth consecrated bellows of fire
holymouth blown glass persuasion
holymouth babylonian fiesta
holymouth partake of blessed wafer
holymouth incommunicado
holymouth deadpan upon bridges of crosshatch
holymouth maximum kiss retaining
holymouth external postulation
holymouth incenses of purpose
holymouth fish in lucid oceans
holymouth islam maximum onus
holymouth the sanctified rivalry
holymouth the blessings of st. francis
holymouth om mane padme hum
holymouth elixer mixes
holymouth transfiguration
holymouth the message on golden amulets
holymouth history's vixen
holymouth furtive glances in lamplight
holymouth telepathy from the season's fingers
holymouth triangle blue cleansing
holymouth the insider great calling
holymouth tonal beacons bewitching
holymouth declarations
holymouth sabbath of all days
holymouth buddha eyes flashing
holymouth caves in verdict gleaming
holymouth the rabid pulse of time
holymouth in mystical numbers
holymouth aquarius lightning
holymouth a fragrant steel stanza
holymouth invisible portions of dreaming
holymouth frequent retina erdu
holymouth polite on ice remission
holymouth bodycells replete healing
holymouth insider crater flaming
holymouth soulcluster wordclench
holymouth immense cravings
holymouth the pegasus of trick orphans
holymouth particular destinations
holymouth perfumed ribbons
holymouth tablet hieroglyphics
holymouth wizards in lenten castles
holymouth the perfect union
holymouth perfection river ganges
holymouth the saints of temple
holymouth belief receiving
holymouth holymouth holymouth
holymouth holymouth holymouth
holymouth holymouth holymouth
holymouth holymouth holymouth
holymouth holymouth holymouth

free in the highstoned cosmos

the cosmos is stoned
swirling mercurial matter
colors that vault over
planets & comets
awash in a buzz
of universal
i am free in the
highstoned cosmos
floating like
melting over the
peaks & valleys
follow markk
into this ocean
of spiritsmoke
& you & i
we shall dance
hand in hand
with the godenergy zoom

the declamatia

verse 1

i declare the morning of
the universe, spread like
a wild cream across
the firmament of the
ages, this starting point
for all things true
& possible

i declare the advent of
trembling love, a vast
sweep through the
quartz of rhythm
speaking to me
in a language i

i declare the hurling
of all precipitous
feelings & emotions
a vantage point
from which i can
view the falling
petals of an ancient fire

i declare the vagrant
beauty that you possess
yet hoard to yrself
like a pile of copper
coins, like a treasure
of reveries

i declare the holostorm
of peculiar logic, a thinking
pattern that finds its
measure in retrospect
a cauldron of memories
& vain perceptions

i declare the image of
wisdom painted on
baby faces, a peace
of sidestepped
catastrophies that
rumbles in silver cages

i declare the lament
of the lost tomorrow,
days of grandeur
dropped like an old
rag, forgotten before
it ever begins

i declare the oracle
of godenergy the
smallest of the
smallest part, the
original building block
the cellular enigma

i declare the full
range of yr
savage intelligence
the breath of yr
meadering mind, the
forest of fluidbeds
octagonal & linear

i declare the righteous
march of the infinite
trailing me through
time like a lost dog
loyal like science

i brandish the
sword of fulfillment
oceans of opportunity
craving the hot lips
of yr magnitude
immense in pure longing

verse 2

i declare the death of ignorance, the death of insanity,
rolling with its selfish spikes of treason across the
holy force of this calm vestibule, i declare the death
of hate, the hangman's noose that twists tight on
the neck of dark remorse, i declare the death of
this monarchy of the soul, this kingdom of greed
speaking with yellow teeth into the howling malestrom
i declare the death of deceit, the death of treachery,
the death of primitive instincts, the death of darkness,
the death of destruction, the death of all dim demise

for within darkness is a palette of death omens, the
knife blade that sharpens itself, the gun that stays
loaded, the scabbed fist beset with all vain striking,
i declare the death of death, there is no death where
perceptions are cleansed, washed free, flooded
with the matchless visions of arcane realities, those
things that the human beast is free to understand,
ill-equipped to understand behind curtains of unknowing

i declare the death of the perception of death, the myths
& impossibilities, the craven boomerang of lifetrons,
the metamorphasis of niddering numbness, the callous
outrageous foolishness that is mistaken for aliveness,
realness, importantness, blameless, fearless, thisness

(calling upon the sweet realms to open up in free embrace,
this incurve of reason, no longer conjecture, telepathic
this intelligence, om the demarche i undertake in yr name)

verse 3

i declare the revelation
of these new identities,
a dynamic where tables
are of absurd heights &
chairs are as big as
the side of a house
& mountains are tiny
when compared with
distant planets & the
grains of sand are each
as big as new baseballs

i declare incongruous
juxtaposition as the
rule of order, where
driveways are mauve,
teal, bleached bone white,
lined up in strange rows
in contrast to each other
an edward scizzorhands
crashing the local reality
where counter tops have
moguls like a ski slope
where dogs have six legs,
sometime eight like a
panting centipede & run
wild with cats on two feet

i declare the cleansing
of the rapacious monotone
of silence, a music of the
faculties that dances like
the tafetta of moonlight
on the satin of lullaby
mermaid skin, wet from
an ocean of sleek destiny

i declare the fruits of the
earth whirling like atoms
around fearless wobbly heads
the einstein of reason, the
kerouac of dreamy expression
the matisse of hope, the
mapplethorpe of shocking
beauty, the mute pavlova of
circuitous hand waving, the
faraday of yodels, the livingstone
of desperation quotas, the
khelebnikov of infinite space
the seven dwarfs of your
laughing impartial loyalty

i declare a hazing, a sugar
tattoo savoring of all painful
art & grace, the sacrificial
lamb of gorgeous birthing,
the sloughing off of a
horsehair skin to reveal
the nebulous that you
hoard in a fear fever,
unwilling to emerge in
broad daylight, oh sister
these arms are rising
like underground balloons
for you & the color of your
eyes will change like the
belly of a long chameleon
marking visual territory
slow, like midnight rain

satori in choreographed splash

satori in this uncertainty, satori
in great green valleys, satori in the
mask of the feudal realm, satori in
the majesty of elixer, satori in homes
lined upon gold cavern streets,

in choreographed splash, satori in a
great becoming, satori in a beckoned
gesture, satori in a furtive glance,
satori in the rusted nebulas, satori in
fascination, satori in jail fusions
satori gasp, satori prayer, satori blink, satori

the dervish whirl of fragile
satori, the running human toll of satori
the magic of just & spangled satori
the smile of a heated satori, the
yearning of splendid satori, the yammering
of a distant satori

satori mon amor, satori in excelsis deo,
satori in rumo agnandam, satori
i sve, satori i sva, satori danke
schoen, satori nag hammadi, satori
lapis lazuli

satori, satori, satori,
satori, satori

spiritus incoming
spiritus long going

dharma mat dharma mat thht!


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