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patrick iberi

patrick iberi, originally from the eastern heartland of nigeria, is a 25-year-old graduate of philosophy who is greatly interested in existentialism. he began writing poetry when he was 13. his hobbies are writing and playing chess.

There were times 

There were times

I thought of you as bait

Sunk in depths of the sea

Slyly waiting for a catch 

There were times

You came to me like a a rose

Picked from a remote desert

A mystery for all seasons

Times were when

I gazed at you glittering like a gem

Bathed in nameless scent

Your beauty led me on to doom 

How could you be evil?

Yet so spiritedly courted

I’ve held you in my arms

And felt the pain of your sting 

Why then do i still hold on?

Why then do i still think of you? 

There were times

When sleep meant being still

And your realm strayed into my dreams

Nauseated by the sights it reflected

Irked by your vain shadow

I reckon my nights as wasted

There were times indeed

Times when i cursed creation 

There were many times

I thought of you as a friend

But our amity shall remain

A betrayal on my conscience

For those were the times

I shouldn’t have thought at all! 


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