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andrew lundwall

surrealist poet andrew lundwall currently lives in the Nation's Capital with his fiance, Star Jewel. His work has been featured with (or shall be forthcoming with) numerous literary journals, including: american motor thought, eratio, shoestring, 3am magazine, The Muse Apprentice Guild, Shampoo, Moria, Deep Cleveland, Sidereality, Retort Magazine, Space Breather, Aught, xPressed, Ink Magazine, Dream People and others. Andrew is the former poetry editor for Get Underground. Along with Star, Andrew co-edits the literary journal: Tin Lustre Mobile. andrew@poeticinhalation.com

Dream Sequence Antagonized by Fear

a panic of disgust wild pains evaporate under the illusion of pleasure.

blue orchards i dream of you your sagging belly caught somewhere in the
mechanisms of an erotic act (its a film).

to believe the press is as firm or just as decorous is another story
more towards next week i mutter smoke between each breath.

it's a rollercoaster act a tilt-a-whirl perversion as our eyes lock and
the lever is pulled unwinds rewinds and explodes definitely a higher


Ecstatic Newspaper on an Offended Holiday

heart breaks on the corner of the street oscillating of birds stretch of
twisted sidewalk an eruption of scurrying signals the parachute brain
pastiched sewn into the fabric of an elusive sunset.

fans of tourists whip away bicycles of oblivion yawns in a choir of
gurgling throats.


roadside evangelists turn the color of the chrome wheels dashing "bye"
like ecstatic newspaper on an offended holiday.


A Something Spilled

something spills still here the same other way day bright with unique
automatons skipping through autumnal leaves on the page.

thought that brave day dream is a mental process another scalpel through
a medallion worn twice and saved gathered in slick silk.

believe bewildered the eye on the pavement is as the floating of the
apocalyptic bird of prey doze off under the tenements shade.

tall buildings massive crunch between meteor teeth chomping on the next
bit of information.


Eye On

eye on amorous details the ghost whiles away in a cave of auditory

beggers hands appear from each stiffened painting erosion years like

bats in cozy corners the front is bursting with miscellaneous creation a
build-up a massive body thrust and turns

sexing away whilst dreaming the night so near dawn that you cannot call
home between each option


The Desert Tremor Primordial Dawn

the brave curve: she sped to it: tossing whirl-about: strings to taste
the light of the desert following each metallic movement: her arched


supple fingers as sails on a kite: what moves her?: the desert red and
yellow as a bouquet: sincere: her fading lips ((the mirage)): curtains
of sand blow in crimson blurs: an aborigine ballerina: twist spin curve
faster: scents reeling scents.


her mind lightning from the sphinxes eye: the scarab pillow drifts in
and out: whirling swirling caressing diving: strokes across saharan
wilderness: apparent to transparent: she swings in and out: how she
thought: wild strange startling: as paths onward to the upward ascension
to descension: addition and subtraction.


cobras in the bottles neck: still progressing as on film: steps upon the
pyramid: de-organized each spatter of paint: tatter of the venetian
blinds: the cave of choice: she digs roads whilst salivating of ecstatic
vibration: liberation: deliberation: delusional: sexy mythic wild wild.


the sky plunges in and out of focus: this plane never clear. dive to
this: her lips hieroglyphic: well pronounced: licked bottom to top: a
beetle scurries across the protruding clouds blackening as she lifts her
tender hand to peruse: something becomes clear: inevitable.

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