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umesh ghoshdastider

Umesh Ghoshdastider is currently pursuing a masters in Physiology from University of Calcutta, India. his work has been published in online journals such as Mindfire, Aha Poetry, A Southern Journal, Fullosi Press, Decanto Magazine, Toe Tree Journal, The Poetry Victims, Scars Publications, Associated Content, Language and Culture; and print journals such as Poetcrit as well as in school and college magazines.


My Friend

All I say is useless but I say to talk to you.
There are friends of you who never forget you
And reunite even after misunderstandings,
Few things are there which one can never forget
One can never deny the truth, truth of life

Yeh he ya! Hmm
You never realized how beautiful you are
What makes you happy and proud?
You are the tree among us:
Despite all limitations

I wish things on your side get
Enlightened day by day
And by talent and hard work
Brighten the world among us.

But please don't forget idiots like me
During the journey to the realms of science.

I want to meet you
You know I'm sorry whatever I've done.
So tell me your secrets
What makes you perfect?

Please answer my questions,
Questions on science
Please don't turn deaf ears
And lead me to dawn.

Oou umm umm, yes..


For you who you are

You are angel of my dreams
You are the queen of my reality
You are the day of my life.
You ushered the sound of creativity:
From the darkness of the womb.

You are love
You are beautiful flower
You are the thirsty ocean
You are the desire
You are the colour of truth.

A blind can see you
A dead can feel you
Fire can't burn you
You belong to me:
You are simple yet unknown.

You are pleasure-you are pain:
You are a marvel without any stain
You never speak the truth nor lie
You represent me in closed eyes
I'm still here only for you.

You may fly away
Or leave me for gold
Or with which you may fold
In days to come I see you
In success but not in failure.

I'm your skin-not your blood
And we may separate in flood.
I never saw you but I see you in my heart
And feel you to breathe in its beats
Until it would stop one day for you.

Dawn and dusk unite your eyes:
O! See the sun is rising
But it is as red as my eyes
Because I spent a long night
Without you crying.

Did you know it is turning yellow
And I'm happier than anyone
Because I'm seeing you
And you are touching me with soft hands
So please don't leave me all alone:

And promise to stay with me forever.


Oh you are my friend, you are my patron
Although I'm a monkey compared to you
You are still my friend
Your knowledge is boundless
But I'm an idiot.
You glorify me and I relish in your success
So won't you please stand by me?
And help my friend?

I pray that your success goes sky high
And a peaceful and blissful life...


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