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devin wayne davis

devin wayne davis, known also by his pen name "townee," lives in and works for the state of california. he has been published in the sacramento anthology: 100 Poems, sanskrit, the locust magazine, kota press, dwan, pierian springs, perihelion, and pig iron malt.




from a nightshirt

--the sun rises

over meadowview--

this sheriff

is checking ...

if they have id;

if they rode legally;

if they have a problem

with authority--

whether they have chips;

perhaps, planting an informant in ranks;

training poor kids

to routinely submit;

hunting guns,

knives, the bomb, wmds,

a look;

blocking them,

using his crossing guard forearm

as a gate--

border patrol,

extorting drug money.


punctuation as a second language, i

a dash is redundancy, prefaced--

clarification that is often misleading,

or oddly contradictory; however,

as a bracket--an aside, which won't be held;

that can't wait--it is quite useful.


punctuation as a second language, ii

the ellipsis

implies a leap

of logic; that what

follows it is

connected, somehow,

by something lent,

to the previous sentence.

and so, those two thoughts

remain disjointed; yet are compatible,

without having

the span ...



punctuation as a second language, iii

semi-colons allow one to keep on going

--pontification; defecation; eliminating the need

for an and. when you were a kid, everything

was a part of a bigger picture; ripping pages

from a drawing pad, you can just fill

infinite space; and ...


punctuation as a second language, iv

a comma is a tale

that stretches with clauses,

& catches the tongue;

sometimes, unintentionally,

changes your meaning--

a mouse,

turning into mouth.

but, the truth is, i'm never sure

when to use this mark; or why,

since it would be better

to order your words properly and, thus,

avoid the condition.


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