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sarah ann eubulus curtice (or beast)

sarah ann eubulus curtice defected from the species when she was three, and goes by the name of beast. she likes rats, rats like her. she erupted from the womb in rochester ny and seems to live there still. she is 262 months old. she shares a birthday with dr. suess. she is 62 inches tall. she forgot that she was acrophobic until she tried to pull the ripcord on the "skycoaster." she did it eventually then tested the doppler effect. she received no extra credit for this. she is presently actually right very now stranded in penn yan. she is a professional housepet. unxious@hotmail.com



Sex is Inflammation;
the spreading and pooling of complementary desires
the antireligion and purest impulse
violent love and salvation
somnambulant the cumbersome neocortex drips away
to reveal the Supreme Animal
my reflexes always loved me most sincerely
serpentine then rushing
my only substitute for sleep
purging renewal
Pulsing with omnipresence
Now i am truly everywhere
my blood steams and dissipates
-thickens and returns
as i put it to your squirming inner child
Conjugal at once
and predatory at its best
No heaven can offer better than this
Autonomous buttons once pressed
there is no turning off
No release from this agitation
My kindred know me as a beast
-my playthings even more so;
Ravenous and innocent
Sinuous and Sharp
this realm engulfs us all
Strips and reveals Natures core


always wants more...)


the gods of chaos and gravity wrestle like lovers
rolling over each other perpetually
with the heat of satisfaction to gain
their fluids mingle
they work alternately
building the releases of the others body and their own
hands clasped, they tumble thru time eternal



this pavement will absorb my last drop of intoxicating spit
my bones will crackle into nameless debris
as i laugh, my teeth will break against manmade stone
my vomit may feed ants or protozoa
now i will smash into my own drunken parody



Souls kissing
Heat pressing
Incompatible ridges of bone and swells of flesh give way to a higher cause
Angry and loving
The equivalent of passion and steamy showers
Icy sweat abandons ship
The clawing and feasting of carnivores upsets the cushions
Droplets of time condense and slide down the prudent glass
The mewling protests of springs give rise to ruthless laughter
As the hot-blooded animals continue to gorge themselves on each other
An even exchangeó
Discontented wife for a high school virgin
(as though a biological playground could be rendered unclean)
lap it up
an exothermic undoing
slurp it down
creation is messy
sparks of potential soak the already drowned skin and strands of hair
thighs like gurus doing what they know best
-Nature is Beautiful-



Iím electrically charged
Shocking to myself
Stuttered visions unite,
Totaled and incomplete
My brain is twitching
Throwing me
Full of fruit and bruising
Mineminemine my jealous outrage
I leave it to fester
My soul to liquefy
And my hands are shaking
As i try to guide my common ramblings
I cannot see you;
My lobes are peeling
Because you are not there
And will never exist
My heart without walls
Atria for birds
And flowering plants drowning in my blood
As a result of this ancestral joke i find myself sighing
More often now like a puppet
Seething my dismay
Lands me on the tile
Sliding off the sink
Down the drainage venting
With the drizzled ghosts of yesterdays lunch
This rampage is throwing me spastic eating my guts
Spatial differences fundamentally deformed
Be beat meat because have to feed our bloodlust
Our lust for the dead
Our feel the cold need
Finding insects on my skin in my ears, my eyes
Just the buzzing squealing
Loud laugh right on my shoulder
In my head/in my head
My brain is leaping out my mouth and eye sockets
My entrails are falling out my ass
My legs are weak
My arms are meat
My blood is cold and still



my eulogy for the unborn consists of wasted sentiment
they are after all, only a collaboration of our remains
what i feed the monsters in my gut is invisible sympathy
that stains the interior, leaving the shell immaculate
the hunger for intellect evolves into a flair for comedy
when spiders rule the insects of menís thoughts
my recklessness preaches faith in chaos
and the uselessness of years as a measure of life
there is no cleverness in satire, only natural order
your laughter is wasted on me
generations progress until the day the universe inhales again
the heat of your supernova smells like food to me
see yourself in quantum dimensions
feel the wastefulness of desire
explode into light




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