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cesar a. cruz

cesar a. cruz is an internationally renowned poet, educator and human rights activist. from marching 76 straight miles to hunger striking for 16 days, cruz has dedicated his life to fighting injustice. his relentless drive and passion has touched the lives of many, and his writings have received praise from activists and scholars throughout the world. author rodolfo acuna sees "Cesar as one of the new martyrs of our people." acclaimed author and activist luis rodriguez depicts cesar's writings as filled with "fierce insight and righteous rage." but cruz shrugs off the accolades with a humble smile and a thought. "i'm not important; we're but seeds of social change. our role is a simple one; 'to comfort the disturbed, and to disturb the comfortable.' nothing more, and nothing less!" cesaracruz@juno.com


the terrorist

you can
call me a colombian terrorist
by all means
if it means
that i oppose the lies you spew on tv

Farabundo and Sandino must smile
cuz' they've been taking on
your shady style for
more than a minute

you can plan a coup
and name it operation
but i will still stand against you
we are no longer
blind deaf and dumb
believing the yadi-yada
of the star spangled banner
that disguises
conquest as progress

and if i must pull
a citizen's arrest on george bush
both junior and senior
for the war crimes against
afghanis and centro-americanos
well then
you have the right to remain silent
and everything you say
is currently being used against you
you can hire
channels 2, 4, 7 and 11
and pay off
the n.y. and l.a. times
but it is in the people's rhymes
that count 1 of
extortion is filed
against you
for illegally taking power
when your little brother
rigged an election
down there
where the southern heat makes
punching holes in ballots
a task too large for the
average american

and we file count 2
for murder at an unprecedented rate
of blacks and latinos on death row
as you served as governor
in hang 'em texas
but you had your wardens
do the dirty work
as you stole
both oil & hope
from people who believed
your compassionate conservative

and we file count 3
naming you the world's public enemy
a global terrorist trying
to manhandle and enslave the world over
with your lies and fancy media alibis
but we know that under the veil
you're the terrorist
in disguise
that we despise

and so instead
call me a colombian terrorist
if that's all you can
label me
pigeonhole me
try and silence me
but I will come at you
with rhymes
and chants
from all directions
til' your empire
like Rome's
. . .



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