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bree grew up in cleveland heights, performing music and poetry. she is the founder of GreenPandaPress, which produces local chapbooks and anthologies of poets and artists.



Feathers Stuffing

at an antique store i saw a bird_bath,

holy water tub with pillar

and snatched it.

i hailed a cab to the church,

and gave the guy something

substantial to help me drag it

in the foyer.

i poured in evian,

knelt back into a murphy's oiled pew

and watched 'placebo effect'.




he said america was crafted out of fruit cake.

he said you could build an igloo out of fruit cake.

john ashcroft'd make a cadillac from_

the constitution's one,

"we're the lucky ones,"

he'd laugh murmur in,

a rock-kneed bear hug.

never did i tell him to stop.



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Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118

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