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bree grew up in cleveland heights, performing music and poetry. she is the founder of GreenPandaPress, which produces local chapbooks and anthologies of poets and artists;;and sings jazzy-bluesy style poems in the local band BiRdcAkE.


. .Two,,
. . .Three breaths,,,

(I am alone^)

my feet are wet and happy
in the grass,.]

Drawersfull of the Unfolded
and the Endless Scrub
and me, less than eager
to pull on the yellow rubber gloves
-with a snap!
Get to it, I say!

Several minutes later, I'm legs
sitting beside the vacuum,


braiding the Long Cord

smoking a reverie to Betty Carter

then later

shaping my own notes into order//
sculpting bark//

sounding my own heart's arbor.

Trees leafing

mimes the While Away
hair pattern, preaching carpet;
//unswept the Still Lake//
.odd peacefulness.


Masturbating the Still Sit by the Ocean in Maui, Now

The coze of a wind chair
and knowing boats having nothing to do with
in their steady stare deeply into the dank
churn tub that is a thousand many thousand beyond
that is cleanliness as a painting is itself
and dresses quick^

that the palms appear cartoon pooches
(pooches in a slow dumb entertaining)

wag then waits the look see
not shame like eyes.

Grass walls up and contains
. . dresses fall
. . . . (and the tongue behaves.)

Thin as fog
round breasts who have only streetlamps now
and a tattered
cave brick mud still churn tub wind chair, wide.

War Talk

throwing the constituion around,

watch the words/

read them in a forest of sound;

o song of memory, the soft bleeding of bark in

post heat ;and in a slow seethe

brave the crunch walk of those previously

now ruminating; in waves

outside{ of word in row _carved and weathered

decorate the terrace : gaudy. old-style. italics.

read the graves.

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