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john m. bennett

Dr. John M. Bennett is Curator, Avant Writing Collection, Rare Books & Manuscripts Library, The Ohio State University Libraries, 1858 Neil Av Mall, Columbus, OH 43210, bennett.23@osu.edu.



smell’s bundle  ,ghost puddle  ,lap

 rancid heel you socked half

 muddy with the chain roof

 slippery with your paper  .grunt

 and smoke  ,chew the arm

arm chewed  .sorta faced yr

 cowed nut beef a fibrillation

 proudly on the beach  .that

 foam gun rattled slap ouch

 heaver drooling on horizon  .ash

ash horizoned drank your storm

 ear  ,muddle earth behind yr

 knees’ glommed rudder fouled with

 toilet tissue  .seep ‘n see 

 !usher bin the brimming  !lens

lens brims and brackets all

 the instant splash instance  ,insist

 your curb swallow bum be

 cause it  .and towel and

 luggage draped tore runner  .ream

reamed runner dozens truss  ,you

 trounced the ham the mer

 pounded on the slack rocks

 you walked above twisting in

 your sleeve your bundled smell


Moo   la














 “lather stinking round the coins”

S   low   gus   h




 d   sn

 or   e




 e   th





 ham hocks trying to swim the ladder


Aqua  tick

foam smoke soaking

 foam rat peeling

 foam eye calling

wave nut boiling

 wave shirt clouding

 wave nape gritting

current soap bawling

 current hill hanging

 current mouse lunging

swell hammer falling

 swell cash dripping

 swell bush melting

lake closet neighboring

 lake faucet sighing

 lake lung crashing

beach bulb stammering

 beach clock losing

 beach hung plundering

comber hash listening

 comber couch draining

 comber ladder plunging

spout gash nodding

 spout wheel smelling

 spout mash ushering

tide lacquer pooling

 tide flop trailing

 tide face clustering



glang said ,drained yr arm ,muscle

 dream nattered “clouder” shone the )brain(

 paged like faucets fingerness ,nah  !ouch

 stormer ,breached the caulk shrugged - fan -

 inching burn across yr “lick head”

 .buncha  …rabbits jacking mold and bombs

 )corn ,sprawls ,bam uSAGe hull(  “phew”

 bread rabbits clunking ,tubes buoyed ,doubted

 lost yr junk head yard SOAKING

 wasp ,I caulked the whole bland

 thing ,“paged my nostril” ,bond cave

 .clouder than my dream  …where I

 uh ,”read”  ?drained the file the



yunque said

yunque said, larch shadow lumping

loud cough flopping, gum hoja

bench selva tread, top scam

mash dread, bronco few romper

rumps listing, heaps luggage deaddeed baggage reaps, twisting humps

ronca tu tronco, spread gash

ham flop, bread selvedge wrench

hoja drum, lopping off clouds

jumping shallow starch, said yunque

-- John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich


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