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Frank Anthony Ph D, has published poetry, prose and interviews in journals, magazines and on the Internet. He is the inventor of the new BRIK form (13 lines long by 22 spaces or characters wide. Dr. Anthony can be reached at P O Box 5, Windsor ,Vermont, 05089 and is found at newvtpoet@aol.com or in Who's Who in America 2002 or 2003.


Time To Smell Our Rose
        Guns or Love
Covet jewels carefully
beauty is never scarce
but is hiding fitfully
from a sparse beholder
Guns loved by children
take the place of love
His childish games are
her favored discipline
the chocolate flavored
aneurysms of anomalous
kids who got work done
never went out to play
hospital the other day


Our Humpty On The Wall
     War & More War
The criminal President
displays Grand Larceny
as this sport of kings
to use tragedy and war
backing of the wealthy
with bloating military
suspended human rights
to steal a second term
A millionaire Congress
fed by Israeli leaches
captured Supreme Court
and fixed voting boxes
Eisenhower has started
Nixon Reagan or Bushes


Libya Next On The List
   Mommar Mummery
Wuz you here when they
heard the old flimflam
token Rockefeller Blak
Man out of Tinsel Town
US come to bury Saddam
The euphoric euphonies
historic world Mummery
a Muslim Mummification
developed or terrorism
Developing is marketed
in the form of capital
or gory glory of bombs
endorsed by Uncle Slam
A US Kingdom of Israel


A US Relations Council
       Doing Business
Haliburton Exon Texaco
Bush or Shultz Bechtel
who shall benefit more
from the new adventure
European train on time
Highly priced gasoline
Malfunctioning toilets
two sides to this coin
Get the oil for market
World Hegemony Control
Rothschild Rockefeller
no USA splitting heirs
New World Order theirs


Old Soldiers Fade Away
     Modern War Fair
On stage three in Iraq
the populous adventure
another US Afghanistan
is about to stand down
US kids kill moms kids
are wasting many bombs
put in the desert sand
a house to empty house
game and nobodies home
USUN oil wells secured
the Guard has vanished
into the Arabian night
Hussein with Bin Laden


Empire Bedtime Stories
       The Spectator
There was the category
and you were not given
to me in a lucid dream
of life a superstition
Robert Penn Warren was
a best fifty years ago
Robert Lowell in craft
Dylan Thomas was Ho Ho
There were always soft
lips pucker up to blow
my time in US hay loft
Clinton time a new low
US autograph collector
a new funeral director


More Fun Than Nintendo
     SWAT For Sale
Our children tin boxes
of destruction rumbled
over who is in the way
flat as postage stamps
Mad Hornet dive circle
drive your new Stinger
into Arab Son of Bitch
trying to find a place
in this hell left them
US Bush Blair Carnival
ready to close up shop
move liberation forces
the next SWAT customer


The Word That Is Spent
   We Cannot Recover
Everything is struggle
and it comes to choice
Going over it in dream
exercises always lucid
but strong enough they
last not only my night
but ahead into the day
affecting life to come
Beyond obvious reasons
you may have done this
thing of no connection
with truth in our past
Life spent cannot last


How USUN Puts War Away
    With Illumination
A most powerful nation
my unconscious reveals
is a company or person
temper so far conceals
Compass becomes square
this individual inside
determines who is fair
how long they can hide
Then I decide envelope
and a billion swallows
contain a mental scope
of a universal gallows
Why move beyond belief
that can contain grief



Angels Dance In My Sky
    City of Dreams
I had seen the distant
black clouds billowing
their city was on fire
young men acted cowboy
The old world ignoring
the sounds of machines
making day out of dark
all is to be revealing
nothing will be hidden
and who can understand
bright angels in a sky
shall know when I come
understands revelation


    With A Man
Having yourself family
is this animal process
of doing my same thing
to a woman every night
Thirty years producing
after you were teenage
a thirty more to fifty
dangerous until eighty
Then wisdom winds down
dreams about the folly
of sticking it to them
until you get over the
human call of the wild


Absolute Faith In Love
      Is The Test
When you come to dance
up here with my wolves
forget where you start
this is where they end
dropping names in soup
Mister always anything
to Mister always devil
olde boys comfort zone
Dream of olde Laurence
Rockefeller and Arabia
selected my body parts
and the correspondence
makes my light stay on


She Takes Two To Tango
       Why Dance
When the battle is not
going the way you want
what is the best thing
you can do to yourself
Cry and you feel sorry
people can be so cruel
to one as nice as thee
who cannot hurt a flee
When shall you realize
there will be no bully
remaining to terrorize
ones who have run away
He has himself to face
with no coward to play


Get Everybody On Pills
      Side Effects
If we are Afghanistani
or this people of Iraq
of the new subjugation
understand your hunger
for oil to feed system
that depends on Arabia
most favored terrorist
of the American Empire
USA Zionist Infidelity
that had US all fooled
Hollywood Christianity
of deluxe pill pushers


New Deal Same Old Song
    Hero Blow Whistle
This is the System our
heavy hitters are born
Thousands of graduates
all over this universe
Is here one Honest Abe
that cannot tell a lie
cover up an Eisenhower
US Watergate for Nixon
Reagan and four Bushes
flourishing in US fake
Homeland Security deal
traded for Nine Eleven


A Reason Does Not Tell
   What Dreams Know
My dream is telling me
how fast a world moves
while the fundamentals
always standing placid
dare us to ignore them
How with our education
we are invited to live
by their special rules
they call a common law
while they wait to see
if we shall measure up
and still remain human
here while world turns


Man Needs Places To Go
     Dream With Me
I found a boat beached
upon a distant foreign
shore Here there is no
need to make my living
No coin of their realm
exists where the dream
is King living on fish
from oceanic somewhere
Here are no terrorists
ancient cars will sell
a need to make life go
back where I can teach
Preachers cry at night


A Woman Knew About Men
     Ultimate Nemesis
Does a man need beauty
if he is of Schoenborn
or can beauty need him
to prove love is alive
Nemo finds a Ninotchka
save her from the wolf
or has she sought Nemo
to prove he a predator
Vanya a ultimate angel
a genuine test for him
knows he was her lover
Never since time began
can they admit another


Colored Pins On US Map
     Global Strategy
At the German Mit Woch
the middle of the week
time to rein in Dubyas
fishing trip with rich
while Russia sells the
hardware to US enemies
maintain power balance
between evil and goods
flowing around a world
a Fortune Five Hundred
keeps in plastic pants
or new US purple pills
a pin head UN Military


Taken June Six in 1922
    Against His Will
Eighty years ago about
tobe the creature born
a June six on six morn
not wanted to come out
be a illegal statistic
out of wedlock the pay
official documents day
Fathers name Polipnick
Private World War done
Her father had his gun
Doctor pulls out black
baby wants not to come
wishes I had gone back


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