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matt ameer

Born 1983 in Austin, Texas. Moved to Ohio at age 5 and still lives in a Cleveland suburb called Medina. Finished high school and is currently enrolled at Kent State University with no major as of yet, but is considering degrees in philosophy and/or english. Started writing poetry in the 9th grade. First inspirations were derrived from gothic poets and writers such as Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, and the Marquis De Sade. Also, a huge fascination in the more ethereal sacreligious poetic lyrics of black metal bands such as Agathodaimon, Emperor, and Cradle of Filth. Current interests in poetry have become less
structured and more obscure with an attempt at epic allegory and a somber yet vivid atmosphere. Many underlying concepts of the creative works are tied to existential themes and principles of nihilism.


The Hollow Eye

Mother memory, floating on the sea of renown
She has fallen to the bottom of the ocean
As we turn our faces from the haunting past
And all the scars that never last
She speaks to me with a tongue of thorns
Reminding me of all my glories and failures
I'd rather die than to forget

Alone and in the dark
Mother memory whispered once
In a dream of recollection
She pulls back my hopes and fears
This is a song in vain for you my dear

We are lost on a road with no beginning
What have we seen or should we even care?
These guilty fools
They never remember death
Ignoring what they've done
Never hearing her voice

Her fingers slipped my grasp for the last time
Feeling like a void that never was
Searching for that light before the endless dark
Did I ever heal a man before I made him hurt?

Farewell to this irresponsible world
And Don't Cry
For tomorrow never knew I was here


A Beautiful Tomb

The sun burned out
As the stars fell into my hands
Their end had come too soon
The day is cold
Still I walk inspired
In the care of this beautiful tomb


The Truest Revelation

I can smell the death in your breath.
I spit to kill what's left in your voice.
Ravens sing an ode to your end.
We bend to this dead friend and scream despair.
The sun hangs black in the sky now.
We fuck the angels for penance.
Cut their throats in bed and finish this rebel trend.
I look into his glass eyes to hear the whispered lies we too once denied.
Cohorts of the goat-head seek the weak.
Witnessed the revenge for this abominable freak.
I sipped your absinthe for ages too long.
I ate the belladonna you wore around your neck.
Risk of death for the trust that never showed its face.
And cupid trapped in your crystal prison cage.
Forever he slept.
Flocks of scavenger birds circle these badlands as fools gather what is left.
Locusts eat the brains of modern prophets.
Spill the last waters into the mouths of kings.
The temples that stood in flames forever, crumble in silence.
Fuel the violence and arm the child.
Pursue the dreams that'll never find reality.
Chaos and catharsis meet in wedlock.
Like the red sea, everything divides.
My clock stopped ticking but time remains.
Children of the nova open arms to greet the end.
To oblivion we go for judgment will send.
Rosethorns fight off the impure.
Like the sick would seek a cure.
I laughed at the massacre but they knew I feared.
I feared eternity.
Where do we go from here?
Only the dead know.
Only the dead can wake us from this dream.
Rabbits run across their headstones in an acid flash.
I twitch too fast.
Can't ever forget the past.




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