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William Allegrezza

William Allegrezza teaches and writes from his base in Chicago. His poetry has been published in small magazines in several countries and is also available in, among other places, the e-zines Aught, poethia, canwehaveourballback?, Milk Magazine, and Shampoo. His chapbook Lingo was recently published by subontic press, and he is the editor of moria www.moriapoetry.com, an e-zine for experimental poetry and poetic theory. alegr5@attglobal.ne



to forgive

forecasts of
trawling lines
near beached
with knives
from their
belated love
of rocks
extracted from
ton handles
laid before
in red river
regional silences
of voices
over cement
or ash in cycles
bolts swivel
and tidal
ask to be



another ontological distinction
meant to drive
us from going
in circles
over steeples
perched at odd angles
tipping symbols
to gods
and singing
with voices
that die
in movements of heat
or swirling drains

do not let
the engines over crowds
trouble you
for there
is no sun
that rides lines
on numbered tails
near rivers
in mid-oklahoma
nor are there
curls on edge
waiting for
mistakes that
will leave room
for expansion

definition is
in release
of words spoken
in flight





leaden pipes lead to despair
in this season when the rains
flood the streets and children
play on second floor lookouts

our gods did not stop to ask
why we cut the trees

for now

numbers working
through to conscious denial

out we are found

in matter

among islands sails moving in early summer

to notice and then
to collapse among other failing beams
worn by acid rain

there were those who could
release questions as sparks from a wheel

but time
turns heroic arms into putty into dirt
and cycles
are not pushing wheels up peaks
for vision


circles abound in answer in a distinguishable place

place where we gather or let friends loose during periods
periods meant to contain and begin new thoughts
thoughts that lead us in directions ever renewed
renewed plants in spring under short rain showers
showers that clean off the dust of a full days work
work keeps the tubes running and the shuttle in motion
motion as we look at fall water and realize we are
are in a locked position near a tunnels edge where
where chairs gather to speak their peace words
words that we hope will turn flight into red pictures
pictures censured for adult content or for hopelessness
hopelessness when we stop to conceive our chances
chances for winning the big one for packing up and
and watching the light steam with heat over a table
table facedown among the wreckage of other goods
goods we are given and that are taken away at the first
first level space achieved in thousands of tries
tries to understand how the birds rest on limbs
limbs that pick berries from crowed trees in mid forest











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