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Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

Dr. Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal is a poet from Govindpur Colony, Allahabad, U.P. India. nilanshu1973@yahoo.com


To Nur Jahan!

O Nur Jahan!
Thou Beauty Personified.
Thy Tuhr incensed Salim!
Thy periods starved him!
Akbar's progeny insane in thy love.
Salim is my kin.
We are partners in lunatic asylum.
Literary devotion Mihir-ur-nissa's bare breast.
This adoration nectar n manna
Of contemporary Jahangir.


To Beloved

Shall I compare thy face to pure milk?
Thou art more charming and white.
Often is it blended with waste.
But thy cheeks without any sign of dust.
Mine desire is to find your inner being
Too fair like naked sky.
Thy external charms remind cloudless heaven.
This love sick man in earnest need
Of the strength of your internal beauty.

Thy youth making me insomnia patient.
I pass sleepless nights in thy meditation.
Give me traqualiser of your soft skin.

This mosquito better than the poet
Touching your red cheeks,
Ravishing thy hands
Ravishes it my heart
Showing me hapless
Before social inhibitions.


Tempest of Passion

Nasdaq index has dipped.
The body temprature has risen.
Imbalance between celcius and fahrenheit has generated
the heat.
My soul is anaemic
With the fury of sex.
My mind meditating on female body
My whole endeavour to influence the fairsex
My heart pinning
To be the peer of nudity
Nasdaq index has dipped.
No sign of bullish trend.
Only the howling cries of bears.
Hey, Bulls come and oust this bear
Invading the stock-exchange of the soul.

Union Carbide pollutes the nature.
Pangs of womanhood make me totter.
Deforestation creating ecological imbalance
Her tender skin and ravishing beauty make me lose my
My mind doomed to a certain death
My soul not hearing the song celestial
My voice unable to pray
My breathing system disturbed.
O Bosnian Serbs! do not cleanse the Muslim populace
Rather, come to this territory of my heart
And indulge in the act of purgation.
O Serbs,come immediately
Else my Divinity
Will find it difficult to face my passion.





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