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paul skyrm
paul skyrm is an aurora, ohio-based poet. he was recently accepted to the jack kerouac school of disembodied poetics at naropa institute in colorado. spskyrm416@aol.com

om mane padme hum ( a poem in four parts)


kimberly nichols
kimberly nichols is a writer, editor of www.3ammagazine.com, diary of a californicator columnist and artist who lives in the california desert. kcooperblue@earthlink.net

letter to animus, 1998


charlene sieffert
charlene sieffert lives on the west coast of canada, and is working on a bachelors of fine arts when she isn't cycling or swimming. chargirl99@hotmail.com

mr. r.
end of summer


prasenjit maiti
prasenjit maiti is senior lecturer in political science at burdwan university, west bengal, india. dr maiti's print publication credits include 2river view, blue collar review, green queen, harlequin, micropress oz, monkey kettle, nightingale, paper wasp, phoenix, poetry church, poetry depth quarterly, poetry greece, pulsar, skald and the journal. pmaiti@vsnl.com

calcutta poems


daniel arnold
daniel arnold, from east lansing, mich., is a junior at the msu college of education, a writer for natural spirit ministries, and has done extensive research on the history of toys. darnold@toylegacies.org



kevin calaguiro
kevin calaguiro, 19 years old, is from suburbia, just outside of toronto. a few of his poems have been published on verse libre quarterly, an online e-zine. he loves reading, music and travelling, and hates when people wear white socks with dress shoes. nascent_soul@hotmail.com

the sunrise in the city
by way of the drug
glitter girls (part ii)
benched in grace
enough gloom
glitter girls and other stories
driving it to the taste
the concrete city


jason smith
jason smith grew up in eighty-four, pa, 20 minutes south of pittsburgh. after high school he lived in spain for 3 years, went to st. louis to finish college, and is now chillin' like a villain, paying rent, enjoying his penchant for dense verbosity. yoesaqui@hotmail.com

you were never lovelier than you were tonight


joseph blank
"hello, i'm joe blank, a 23-year-old neurotic caucasian living in the horrid suburbs of atlanta, choking on car fumes and progress. i write and work on various visual art projects to quell my junkie need to create. doomist, emotionalist, agnostic, romantic, i paint pictures of the show high up in the nosebleed seats, hoping some truth slips through in translation." joseph_blank@hotmail.com

thursday's suit


michael fitzgerald

turd dumplings


richard edwards
cleveland writer richard edwards holds a bfa in creative writing from bowling green state university. his work has been published in prairie margins (print), miscellany (print), images inscript (web), and drunk duck (web). currently i have poems in press for quill and ink and niederngassei. in 1999 he won the claiborne quinn fiction award, and is currently working on a collection of short stories, and a collection of poetry. he works in publications at a medical publishing company. egem4@yahoo.com

up there getting ahead
the things we do for aliens reasons
the responsibility of fire
when i met the women he loved


jason walter
jason walter is a toronto-based poet/actor who does performance art/spoken word/film. he has released a chapbook entitled "underneath my fortune". his one-man act includes storytelling, poetry and comedy. he also takes part in a performance art troupe called "theatre of the ignorant", which combines theatre and poerty. he recently made his on-screen debut in a short film called "sunday lunch". jason_walter@hotmail.com

honestly alive
dry breeze
one-sided history


patrick iberi
patrick iberi, originally from the eastern heartland of nigeria, is a 25-year-old graduate of philosophy who is greatly interested in existentialism. he began writing poetry when he was 13. his hobbies are writing and playing chess.



nilanshu agrawal
nilanshu agrawal is a lecturer in english at a p.g.college of india, and is interested in literature and aesthetics. nilanshu1973@yahoo.com

a sonnet
cause of fundamentalism
what is orchestra?


jacob rakovan
jacob rakovan is the editor of the portsmouth free press, a bi-monthly alternative news and entertainment paper in southern ohio. he is also the master of ceremonies for the third thursday open mic at eula's murray st. pub, which is best described as a cross between a vaudeville act and the gong show without the gong. portsmouthfreepress@yahoo.com

speed in winter in ohio: a monologue
"you can live in the future before it even arrives"
eugene pickelsimer, the accordian kid.
hungover in a five-dollar suit


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