The next wordsurfing class is . . .

to be announced


Wordsurfing: Writing without Resistance is . . .

A practice designed to stimulate consciousness expansion & free expression.

A liberating creative exercise.

Clear menthol for the brain.

A way to beat writers' block.

A means for regular composition.

A way to simply play with words.


10 Principles of wordsurfing

1. Words are like waves: when you're done riding one, the next wave comes along.
2. You can't ride the next wave until you let go of the one you're riding.
3. The ocean is full of waves, the world is full of words. The variety is endless.
4. There is a connection between meditative techniques and writing.
5. Blank mind or no-mind is the goal of one meditative technique, and is a good starting place for writing.
6. When wordsurfing on a paper ocean, the literal meaning of composition is secondary to the open flow of words.
7. Applying logic and grammar to composition while wordsurfing amounts to "resistance."
8. Offering no resistance should not be considered a type of surrender, it should be considered the aggressive cultivation of the open flow of words.
9. Writing without resistance facilitates consciousness expansion.
10.When you write without resistance, it can be a precursor to doing anything without resistance.

If you are interested in attending a wordsurfing class, or want to arrange for a seminar to be held at your company, contact mark kuhar at


"We experience expansion as awareness, comprehension, understanding,
or whatever we wish to call it. When we are completely expanded, we have a feeling
of total awareness, of being one with all life. At that level we have no resistance to any
vibrations or interactions of other beings. It is timeless bliss, with unlimited choice
of consciousness, perception, and feeling."

-- thaddeus golas, the lazy man's guide to enlightenment


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