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mark s. kuhar

of the new minglewood art collective

mark s. kuhar was born with a third eye, which doctors mistook for a tumor and dissolved using x-ray.
his life has been characterized by abstract visions and alternative versions of reality. he has at one time or other,
been able to see air and smell color. He is beset by the compulsion to create works of art resurrected from junk.
he often paints acrylic on cardboard or plywood, or does collage, and makes his own frames from baseboards, scrap lumber
and pieces of old fence. often words and poems manifest themselves within his art, and while these words
are often absurd, they can also be considered to be fragments of a larger manifestation of consciousness.

three-chord verses
acrylic and marker on cardboard

you are the flip wizard
acrylic and marker on cardboard

collaged guitar mounted on wood

saw sculpture
old saws and railroad spikes in wood

lake erie driftwood
wood sculpture

primitive bench
created at omega institute under the direction of nationally known wood artist daniel mack

i only ask . . .
acrylic on plywood w/mask

zen rocks
collage on cardboard

william shakespeare dreaming
acrylic on plywood

wooden wind chimes
driftwood sculpture
suspended from an antique haybale puller

primitive picnic
sawed tree branches
stained with clothing dye and nailed over
a cedar frame

wood mushrooms
logs and log slices in the garden

face it
collage on cardboard w/mask

collage on cardboard

map to the stars
acrylic on plywood


crooked wood
two-tone wood mounted on pine slab

junk collage

razor finger
an old razor mounted in a drilled hole in an acrylic hand sculpture

i hear the sound
acrylic on cardboard

objects of desire
collage assemblage

guitar man
acrylic on cardboard

red shoe
high heel painted and sprinkled with gold dust
and glitter, mounted on pine

framed junk
rusted metal in wooden frame

my poem "exploring mongolia by minivan" written on computer paper glued to foamcore, and mounted on an acrylic-painted chunk of old closet door

"a couple more shots of whiskey, i'm going down to minglewood."

-- Grateful Dead

"The All New Minglewood Blues"

the new minglewood art collective is a diverse roster of self-taught folk artists, including a grandmother, a beautician, an office worker, a software engineer, a retired janitor, a child & a mad housewife, among others. work is sometimes created as a collaboration, and often anonymously. the collective operates out of a basement room in a subterranean complex in rural ohio.

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