children are natural poets. then adults drag them away from their creative instincts and teach them to write according to the rules. kid poet is an initiative designed to encourage children to explore their poetic instincts. mark s. kuhar is available to visit local elementary schools to conduct in-class poetry writing sessions. custom-made poetry chapbooks can also be created as fund-raising projects.

Good White and Black Myself

If you have been taught
about color than you know
the differences between races
and color. If you haven't then
you don't need help picking
friends of color. If you
don't like this problem just
tell your kids that they got
sunburned. If you do want
races tell the kids about
it but, if you were me
I don't care nor pay
attention to races or color

-- Summer, age 10

* * * * *

poem #1

emily's favorite color is green
she likes the rain
she likes to draw yards,
she has a pet dog
she says yuy yuy when she eats an apple
she likes a red song

poem #2

a rock is hard, dark, hiding
baggy black, perfect is a street
a fence is white, pretty fancy
smelly, old, different is a hog
a window is clear, cold, warm,
smells good, bright is a red flower
loud, dirty is a train
a candle flying, a red bird
little light cute is a baby

-- mira, age 8





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