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As they circle round the oval
Track heroines all in search
Of glory some may stumble
& some fall but the pack
Stops for no one no matter
The nom de plume or number
Whether favorite or underdog
You have to earn the right to
Skate here as the crowd roars
Incomprehensible advice & I
Sit back drinking my beverage
Rooting for my son's girlfriend
& her team mates in pink
(especially # 11) listening to
Their wheels sizzle & hiss
As commands are given &
Obeyed like soldiers on the
Field of battle & the clock's
Ticking & hopefully by the
Next match I'll have the rules
Mostly figured out so I can
Scream & holler maniacally
Like the guy sitting right be
Hind me & what the hell are
They blowing the whistle for

-- kevin eberhardt

The blues ballad.

Baby the joke must have been on me because you really had me fooled.
I should have learned from Frank's mistake, Mia was young and naive too.
History does repeat itself and its tough, this I know.
Because I've felt the three a.m. blues, a case I'm still suffering from.
Me riding with t he king, Muddy waters and Joe Williams, singing the blues and shooting whiskey and dice late into the night.
You can treat me mean baby, but I'll keep on loving you just the same.
I can feel it at the core of me, as the music intoxicates.
As the reefer and booze set in and our voices rise in tandem.
Well I'm pretty blue, but on the bright side I'm not alone.
These depression blues cut but darling I'm still on top.
I'm free, free now baby.
Free from your spell and Muddy tells me this; "don't care bout how long you gone"
"I don't care how long you stayin' but good kind treatment gonna' bring you home one day"
Baby, I'm not them and they're not me.
Like big Joe Williams told his woman "you got me way down here an you don't feel my care.
You don't feel my care.
So baby I don't care.
Because baby you know these blues got me all down and sad and you're not here.
When love came to town it must have missed your heart because I'm not it anymore.
That's ok though baby, I can't be sad forever.
Some other woman in some other venue in some other city right now is waiting for me; and baby that's where I'm headed.
Anywhere…… but….. here… ……

-- sean ewashko